• Nowadays, so-called corporate citizens are interested in the well-being of the environment around them. B&B is not to be outdone.

The strategy for establishing our citizen territory is based on the nature of the products we market, the analysis of the characteristics of our marketing and communication targets, the vision of our strategic management and of course, budgetary constraints …


At the end of this preliminary study, some territories are revealed:

  1.       The respect of environment

    • In addition and in a complementary manner, boreholes are constructed as an illustration in NGOYA 1 zone which hosts our first factory in Cameroon
    • The work environment is not to be outdone: protected environment, compliance with hygiene, health and safety rules for both employees and visitors 
    • Treatment of factory water is our priority. In collaboration with waste and industrial water treatment companies, we prioritize this treatment, the foundation for the sustainability of our activities.   

2. Female Entrepreneurship

Contests are launched in all our areas of commercial coverage to encourage women to take better control of themselves. The best projects of women are supported and partly pre-funded by our structure. Because, in addition to being and feeling beautiful thanks to our products, women have a duty to assert themselves as a major player in their own destiny and in development.

3. Girl Education

The academic aspect is not to be outdone. Scholarships and other minimum packages are regularly provided to schools in disadvantaged areas in Africa. This symbolic logistics gives a chance to more than one for a more valiant and conquering Africa at the concert of nations.

4. Support for African culture

Beauty is deeply rooted in culture. Because cultural codes are inspired by cultural traits. The specificity of black, because complex, beautiful and authentic needs huge investments for more in-depth research in order to better know and tame it. Our support for clinical research and development in the field; our presence at thematic salons and other beauty contests is proof enough.


 – Permanent consultant B&B SARL

(Communication semio-strategist)